John C. Duval's Statement Concerning the Fannin Massacre

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Duval - Page 3

our officers returned to the entrenchments.
Their report was to the effect that General
Urrea had positively refused to accept the
terms proposed by Col Fannin and would
accept nothing but an "unconditional
Surrender". As Col Fannin had Stated
to Genl Urrea that unless the terms he
asked for were granted he would de-
fend his position to the last extremity,
every preparation was promptly made
to resist the expected attack of the
enemy. But they remained Stationary,
and in a little while another white
flag was raised in front of their lines.
In response to it, our officers again
went out, and held another conference
with Genl Urrea, and in the course
of fifteen or twenty minutes they came
back to our entrenchments, accompanied
by Genl Urrea, Several of his Staff, his
interpreter and his Secretary who carried

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