John C. Duval's Statement Concerning the Fannin Massacre

Page 8

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Duval - Page 8

act treatcherously towards us, as Soon as
his troops had taken possession of our
entrenchments and we had delivered
up our arms, the massacre of the pris-
oners would have occurred then and
there, when we were Surrounded on the
open prairie by a large force of Cavalry
and where the escape of a Single man
would have been an utter impossibility.

2d For ten days after the capitulation,
and until the recept of Santa Annas
peremptory orders "to execute the
prisoners" Genl Urrea Strictly com-
plied with its Stipulations. No in-
dignity whatever was offered us-our
wounded men were hauled in wagons
to Goliad and taken care of, and no pri-
vate property Such as money watches
and jewelry was taken from the
prisoners. Now is it reasonable to
Suppose this would have been the case,

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