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Our webinars are developed with the goal of supporting government records management programs in the State of Texas. If you have a records management topic you would like to see covered in a future webinar, email and let us know. We are working hard to get our entire archive of webinars spiffied up (for better sound quality), as well as creating new content.

Stay tuned on our blog, The Texas Record, for training announcements.

New Webinars Coming Spring 2020:

  • Managing Email - In our updated version of this webinar, we'll break down the topic into a few ~30 min. episodes. So you can take in just the basics - like, "How Long Do I Keep My Email?" - or you can explore more advanced topics like auto-classification tools, encryption, and how to handle emails of terminated employees.
  • Disposition 101 - This webinar is also being revised and updated to cover the laws and administrative rules for disposing of local government records in several types of media (paper, electronic, and microform)? Can we shred a hard copy once it has been scanned and saved electronically? We will also offers tips and advice for improving the efficiency of your disposition program.

Free Archived Webinars:

Managing Social Media Records

Have you ever wondered what record series your agency’s Facebook posts fall under? Do you ever ponder whether or not your office’s blog is considered “public information”? Have you found yourself ruminating on the costs of preserving your local government’s tweets for all eternity? This presentation will cover the basics of social media retention, capture, disposition, and policy management for both local governments and state agencies.

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Retention 101 for Local Governments

This webinar is for local government personnel who would like to understand the rules and processes for records retention better. All are welcome, but the webinar is designed specifically for those who may not have much experience with records management and would like to learn the basics. The webinar will address basic questions like, what is a record? How do I figure out how long to keep a record? What happens when I call TSLAC for help?

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Strategies for Preserving Electronic Records

Part 1 is aimed at creators of electronic records with long-term value, discusses the fragility of digital information and offers practical tips on such topics as selecting storage media and choosing file formats.

Part 2 is intended for records managers. This video discusses preservation methods for digital records, such as migration, normalization, emulation, and printing to hard copy. It discusses first steps for establishing a digital preservation program, including defining the scope of file formats accepted, conducting a needs assessment, and preparing a business case.

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Storage and Preservation of Paper Records

This webinar discusses legal standards for the storage of paper records and explores practical solutions for implementing them. We will also cover how to engage your staff in the storage and preservation of documents and cost-benefit analysis of long-term storage for non-permanent documents. The legal requirements are published in Bulletin F and applicable only to local governments, but state governments are encouraged to use the Bulletin F as guidelines for best practices.

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Simple Ways to Turn Your Records Liaisons Into Records Ambassadors

Denton ITSA difficult obstacle to a successful records management program is creating clear channels of communication. To overcome this time-honored challenge, Denton County Records Management created a Records Liaison Officer program to aid the flow of information to the more than 50 departments that we serve. This case study shows how the launch, and eventual revamping, of this program has impacted records management across Denton County.

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