Webinar: Achieving Compliance

If you work for a local government and have interacted with us, there’s a good chance you’ve heard us talk about whether or not you’re “in compliance.” We can make it sound more fun and call it the paperwork polka, the due diligence dance, or the Texas 3-step! But regardless of the level of fun that can be had in filling out forms, we simply aim to help you understand what it means to be in compliance and how to get there.

Presented by Anne Poulos, Government Information Analyst, and Bonnie Zuber, former Government Information Analyst
Published: March 15, 2021 - Runtime 22 min.

View the webinar at Youtube.com


Achieving Compliance presentation slides (PPT)

Achieving Compliance slide notes handout (PDF)

Certificate of completion (PDF) - (Download to your PC, then fill in your name and date completed)

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