From Pioneer Paths to Superhighways - The Texas Highway Department Blazes Texas Trails 1917-1968

Table of ContentsIntroductionThe King's HighwaysBy Raft, Oxcart, Horseback, and CanoeGood Roads for TexasGet the Farmer Out of the MudCreation of the Highway DepartmentThe Highway Department in Depression and WarThe Great Age of BuildingThe Third GodOnline Finding AidsFor Further ReadingMore Exhibits

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The King's Highways

- José Antonio Saucedo to the Alcalde of Nacogdoches, September 21, 1827, calling for contractors to lay and open roads

By Raft, Oxcart, and Canoe

Good Roads for Texas

Get the Farmer Out of the Mud

- Minutes of the Texas Good Roads Association, Legislative Commmittee, August 17, 1916
- Federal Equipment Appropriation Expense Report, August 14, 1920
- Photos from Memorandum for Captain J.D. Fauntleroy, Report of Observation of Bankhead Highway Transcontinental Convoy, August 25, 1920

Creation of the Highway Department

- Detail, The Texas-Mexico Division of the Bankhead Highway, 1922
- Rollin J. Windrow to D.W. Cunningham, July 21, 1921
- Dan Moody to Hal Moseley, March 20, 1926
- H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 29, 1936
- Proposed Straightening of Highway 36 in Bell County, April 18, 1928
- Ross Sterling to J.W. Blake, July 11, 1928
- H.A. Clapp to the Texas Highway Commission, September 23, 1933

The Highway Department in Depression and War

- Nat Wetzel to the Texas Highway Commission, March 25, 1931
- Photographs of Texas Highway 2, 1933
- Statement of Governor Ross Sterling, July 21, 1931
- Military Reservations Map with Highway Department Modifications, April 29, 1943
- J. L Dickson to Dewitt Greer, July 16, 1943
- Metropolitan District Highway Plan for Dallas, 1943

The Great Age of Building

- Photos from Report on a Farm-to-Market road in Bastrop County, 1957
- Commercial Traffic Flow Diagram from Alice, Texas, Origin and Destination Survey, July 1, 1948
- Photos from A Proposal Presented to the State Highway Commission of the State of Texas by the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, September 25, 1952
- Dewitt Greer to the Texas Highway Commission, May 10, 1956
- Excerpt, Cooke County Delegation, Hearing Before Texas Highway Commission, 1961


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