Spring Cleaning

It’s April, and that means spring is here! With spring, comes spring cleaning! Out with the old and in with the new. In the Records Management (RM) world that means it’s time to tidy up our records management systems, make sure the team is involved, make sure retention periods are up to date, or start a big project like an inventory or a big disposition day! Instead of posting our usual spring cleaning spiel, we decided to showcase the amazing articles that encompass topics you should consider for spring cleaning. Enjoy!

Getting Started

Don’t know where to begin when building a records management program this spring? Look no further than “How to Start or Revitalize a RIM Project!” This is a great article to get the basics of records management, and discusses the tools you need to get started.

What is the value of the record?

After an inventory, determining the value of records is usually the next step. This article, “How Long is AV,” discusses RM’s most customizable retention code, AV, and what it could mean for your particular government.


Disposition is ubiquitous with spring cleaning in Records Management. As such I added not one, but two amazing articles that discuss disposition and the types of disposition. “Data and Disposition: How Disposition Protects Loss of Privacy in a Data-Driven World,” discusses the importance of disposition on electronic data, while “Why Use a Disposition Log” discusses the importance of using a log when destroying records.

Create your team!

Trying to create a team can be a challenge when spring cleaning approaches. Showing them a success story can be a good way to start. “Shared Drive Cleanup Success Story” discusses the creation of a team to do a spring cleaning staple: a shared drive clean-up! The second article “Obtaining Buy-In: Record Creators and Users,” discusses strategies to use when choosing your team.


In summary, spring cleaning can encompass a lot of different elements of records management. Our webinars offer more resources needed for spring cleaning, or even starting a records management program. As always, feel free to contact us for more information on what you can do to spring-clean your records management program.

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