Udemy: A Video Learning Resource

Did you know that there is a free resource available through your local library to help you learn relevant skills needed to be an effective records manager? All you need is a library card!

What is Udemy?

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Udemy is an online video learning platform. It’s one of the free TexShare databases offered at participating Texas libraries. Udemy offers thousands of videos on business topics, technology, design, and general workplace skills. Videos range from short overviews to in-depth, multi-video courses. With so many options, it’s a great place to brush up on old skills or learn something completely new. You can sort videos by skill level and duration to find the courses that are right for you.

To access Udemy for free, reach out to your local public library or visit their website and find out if they participate in TexShare, the resource sharing program run by TSLAC. You can also search TSLAC’s Find a Library page to locate libraries near you that participate in the program. The Find A Library page may not reflect recent changes to library hours or services. Please contact the library or visit their website for current information.

If your library offers Udemy, use the sign-up link provided by your library to make an account for free.

What can I learn?

NOTE: You’ll need to create a Udemy account through your library before accessing the links below.


From training coworkers to explaining policies and procedures, communication may be the number one most-used skill that records managers employ. Check out Udemy’s courses to improve your skills with email, phone communication, public speaking, running meetings, change management, and more.

Management and Leadership

Records management professionals often need to manage people as well as long-term projects. If you feel that you could use some training in these areas, peruse Udemy’s videos on leadership skills, project management, or time management.


An important part of records management and information governance in the modern era is cybersecurity. Udemy offers a wide variety of courses on this topic for every skill level—from beginner to IT professional. There are even courses for common applications such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Oracle, and Cisco.

Microsoft Office

There’s always more you can learn about the technology you use in the workplace every day. With Udemy’s courses, you’ll be an expert in no time.

More Resources

Udemy’s video courses are a great place to start learning new skills. For even more learning resources, check out the Records Management Training and Resources and External Resources and Training Opportunities for Records Managers pages on our website.

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