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In this new year, we want to remind everyone of the resources the Records Management Assistance Unit has for local governments and state agencies.


In person training is back and ready to go! Some examples of our training includes Records Management Basics for both State Agencies and Local Governments, tips and tricks for disposition, inventory, and disaster planning. To take advantage of our tailored training, contact our manager for more information at mcarey @ or calling 512-463-5449.


We also have free webinars for local governments and state agencies to use on our website. The webinars range from Records Management Basics for Local Government and State Agencies, to inventory, to email management, to disposition! This is a fantastic resource for local governments and state agencies to use when they want to conduct their own internal training.


Probably our most famous resource, The Texas Record contains a wealth of information that local governments and state agencies can use. Visit our home page to see the most recent articles written concerning records management. Visit About Our Team if you would like to get to know your analyst a bit more. The Training Resources tab on the Texas Record will lead you to the webinars above. The Tips and Topics tab gives readers general guidance on various Records Management subjects. Visit the FAQs page to read on the most common questions Analysts receive on a daily basis.


Finally, the best thing about the Records Management Assistance Unit, the Analyst! The Analysts here at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission are willing and able to help whenever you have a question about retention periods and records management in general. The Records Management Assistance Unit consulted with or trained over 12,700 state and local officials by the end of Fiscal Year 2022 in August and interacted with approximately 10,000 units of government! You can find your analyst on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s website (see the pages for state agencies and local governments). General contact information can be found on the State and Local Records Management Staff Directory

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  1. Love this Resource Recap; thank you for providing us with valuable tool; allowing us to improve our data management.

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