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The Texas Republic
Early Statehood
Giants of Texas History
Indian Relations
Rangers and Outlaws
Texas Characters
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The Texas Constitution



Table of Contents

The Texas Republic

The Long Expedition
- James Long Expedition List

The Turtle Bayou Resolutions
- Manuscript with signatures

Sam Houston's Call for Volunteers

The Texas Declaration of Independence
- Original manuscript
- Printed Broadside

The Grass Fight
- Report from William H. Jack to Edward Burleson

The Siege of Bexar
- Letter from Stephen F. Austin to Bowie and Fannin
- Ben Milam's Passport
- Letter from Milam and Burleson
- List of Texan Wounded
- Surrender of General Cos
- Map of the Siege of Bexar
- Joseph Lopez, first-hand account

The Goliad Massacre
- Statement of John C. Duval on the massacre
- Dr. Barnard's list of Fannin's men
- Map of the ground plan at Fort Defiance
- Map of Fannin's Fight at La Bahia
- Andrew A. Boyle, first-hand account

The Battle of the Alamo
William Barrett Travis' Letter from the Alamo
- About the Letter
- Full Text
David Crockett
- Crockett claim for $60 for two rifles, 1835
- Second claim of Crockett for the rifles, 1836
- Claim of Crockett's heirs, 1836
- Payment of public debt claim for Crockett's widow, 1854
James Butler Bonham
- Letter from Bonham to Sam Houston
Santa Anna's Account of the Battle
Election return from the Alamo, February 1836
The Sale of the Alamo
- Offer to Sell the Alamo, 1882
- Sale of the Alamo to the State, 1883

The Battle of San Jacinto
- Sam Houston's Official Report on the Battle
- Thomas J. Rusk's Official Report
- Texan Killed and Wounded
- Mexican Killed and Wounded
- Lyman Rounds, first-hand account
- William P. Zuber, first-hand account
- Santa Anna's Surrender, first-hand account of John Forbes
- African-Americans at San Jacinto

The Treaties of Velasco
- The Public Treaty
- The Secret Treaty

The Archives War
- Letter from Sam Houston ordering removal of the archives from Austin
- Sam Houston's explanation of his actions
- Report of the House investigating commmittee (Complete report)
- Thomas William Ward's claim mentioning Mrs. Eberly

The Mier Expedition
- Page from list compiled in Perote Prison showing fate of Fisher's command
- Samuel Hamilton Walker, first-hand account

Negotiating for Peace with Mexico
- James Hamilton's appointment of Texas commissioner
- President Burnet's instructions to Hamilton
- President Lamar's letter of credence for Hamilton
- Queen Victoria's ratification of the convention

Republic of Texas Currency

Early Statehood

- Vote Totals for the Annexation Referendum, 1845
- President Anson Jones' valedictory address on the date of annexation by the United States

- Petition for Emancipation of Liley, 1847
- Sale of 10-year-old Loise, 1849

The 1850 Boundary Act
- 1850 Boundary Act, transmitted by Daniel Webster
- Thomas J. Rusk Letter on the 1850 Boundary Compromise

- Texas Ordinance of Secession

The Texas Constitution

The Texas Constitution of 1876

Giants of Texas History

Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
- Nicolas La Salle Journal, 1682 Expedition

Stephen F. Austin
- Commentary on Mexico's independence from Spain, 1823
- Letter about the frustrations of starting his colony, 1824
- Military address on putting down the Fredonian rebellion, 1827
- Letter on his arrest in Mexico, 1834
- Letter from a Mexican prison, 1834
- Circular of the Committee of Safety, advising on the preparations for war, 1835

Sam Houston
- Official Report of the Battle of San Jacinto
- Cherokee Treaty, 1836
- Boundary Treaty between the U.S. and Texas, 1838
- Houston's passport, 1839
- Letter from Robert E. Lee, 1860
- Letter from Samuel Morse, 1860
- Letter to Sam Houston, Jr., 1861

Lorenzo de Zavala
- Title page from Viage á los Estados-Unidos, 1834
- Broadside for the meeting at Lynch's tavern, 1835
- Motion for Zavala to translate the Declaration into Spanish
- Declaration del Pueblo de Tejas, November 1835
- Letter to President Burnet protesting the conduct of the war
- Zavala's second resignation letter, 1836

Thomas Jefferson Rusk
- Rusk Oath of Citizenship to Mexico
- Rusk's Report from San Jacinto
- Rusk Letter on the 1850 Boundary Compromise

Juan Seguín
- Seguín's orders to forage the countryside for horses, 1837
- Recommendation to appoint Seguín to office, 1837
- Letter from Somervell to Houston on Seguín's loyalty, 1842

José Antonio Navarro
- Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro
- Letter from Stephen F. Austin, 1829
- Letter about Navarro's appointment to the Santa Fe expedition
- Sam Houston's comments on Navarro's imprisonment

Mirabeau B. Lamar
- Letter to his brother, eleven days before San Jacinto, 1836
- Address on protecting the frontier from Indian attack, 1839
- Letter on the Santa Fe affair, 1842
- Letter to David G. Burnet on the Mexican War and Sam Houston, 1847
- "Carmelita," a poem by Lamar

Anson Jones
- Instructions to the Texas chargé d'affaires in Washington, D.C., 1842
- Letter discussing the possibility of a treaty with the Indians, 1842
- Letter to J. Pinckney Hendersonon on annexation negotiations, 1844
- Letter on the prospects for the passage of the annexation treaty, 1844
- Letter to Sam Houston on Jones' misgivings on the treaty, 1844

Early African-American Senators
- Matt Gaines in Debate on the Senate Floor
- George T. Ruby's Oath of Office

Hogg, Reagan, and the Texas Railroad Commission
- Hogg Letter to Reagan offering him the leadership
- Reagan letter of acceptance

Indian Relations in Texas

James Bowie's 1835 Report
Cherokee Treaty, 1836
Bird's Fort Treaty, 1843
Quanah Parker

Rangers and Outlaws

William Rozier, Republic-era Ranger
John B. Jones Ranger Oath
Pay Voucher for John Barclay Armstrong
Pay Voucher for Junius Peak
Will Rogers' Enlistment as a Special Texas Ranger
Frank Hamer Warrant of Authority
John Wesley Hardin Restoration of Citizenship
Wanted Poster for Sam Bass
The 1919 Ranger Investigation
Wanted Poster for Clyde Barrow [1]
Wanted Poster for Clyde Barrow [2]

Texas Characters

Pappy O'Daniel
- Beautiful Texas Sheet Music

Emily West, "The Yellow Rose of Texas"
- Yellow Rose of Texas Sheet Music
- Passport of Emily West

Flags and Maps of Texas

Design of the Lone Star Flag
- Blue and White Flag Design
- Green, White, and Red Flag Design
- Lone Star Flag and Seal Design by Peter Krag

Historic Flags of Texas

The King's Highway Map

Mural - "Texas Moves Toward Statehood"

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